At CARE, we believe that dynamic partnerships are critical to solving complex global challenges. Our partners – from government to civil society to corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs – are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities, while enhancing business and development goals.



CARE works closely with the government at all levels, including at local, provincial and national levels. CARE’s counterpart in Indonesia is the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Corporate Partners

Using our multi-asset approach, CARE works closely with corporations to identify strategic partnerships that achieve results in the fight against poverty while enhancing business goals and engaging both employees and consumers. Together, CARE and its corporate partners are helping to build a world where all people can live in dignity and security.

Bilateral and Multilateral Partners

CARE receives funding through multilateral and governmental entities. These donors award essential funding to CARE to support our programs. Current and previous institutional partners include UNICEF, Global Affairs Canada, USAID, DFAT, the European Union, and the Netherlands Government.

Civil Society

By partnering with local, national and international Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), CARE believes that we can multiply the scope of our impact to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Indonesia. We work with a range of actors, including CSOs, women’s groups, youth groups, religious leaders and farmer’s groups, and establish genuine partnerships that foster effective program implementation and ensure project sustainability.